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Vancouver Fashion Jobs – Sweating Out The Old

Monday, January 6th, 2014


1 Under Armournike


5 Reebok CrossFit6 Nike Studio wrap

2014! January always brings promise of a new year of health, happiness and a fresh start. While many of us have the intention of implementing New Year resolutions, not all of us find it easy to maintain them. Fitness is always a popular choice, with vows to cut back on sugar, carbs and take-out and replacing them with veggies, fruits and exercise. New Year means new you. No longer are we bound to the same workouts and routines; we now have a variety of classes to keep us sweating and in shape. Whether you prefer running, yoga, or weights it always starts with proper footwear. And like our workout options, footwear is also no longer the boring, heavy, white runner. Here are a few popular and new options to choose from, with some flair! If you’re going to be sweating, you might as well look good doing it.

1. UA Micro G Mantis. Your standard running shoe. These are lightweight, thin but still have a stable base and the material is comfy. These are good for running or a gym workout.
Under Armour, $109.99

2. Nike Free TR 4 iD. Another basic runner. Barefoot/minimal running shoes are very popular these days so this is one of the thinnest and most lightweight Nike has to offer (so thin you can almost roll them up in a ball). These are ideal for your regular cardio, core and other gym workouts. A bonus? Nike also allows you to customize your shoes, definitely motivation if you ask me.
Nike, $140

3. Ultra Ladies. If you’re more the outdoors type than the indoor, Vivo offers a great selection for water activities. Great for the beach, their Amphibious collection can be worn in the waters so perfect for you kayakers etc. They’re breathable and lightweight so they transition into summer well, because we won’t have given up our resolution by then, right?
Vivobarefoot, US $85

4. Breatho Trail. Vivo also offers trail running sneakers. For the off road, muddy and wet trails this minimalist style won’t distract from your landscape.
Vivobarefoot, US $95

5. CrossFit Lifter. Another very popular program, CrossFit, combines strength and conditioning. Given the mix of exercise, your footwear for this will be more specialized. The technology provides a super custom fit, and only weighs 380 grams!
Reebok, $149.99

6. Nike Studio Wrap Pack. Dance and barre classes have made a huge comeback, bringing out the ballerina in all of us. Designed for typically barefoot workouts, Nike’s come out with this three part footwear system to give you the support and traction needed, with the style of a ballerina.
Nike, $110

By: Rachel

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Montreal Fashion Jobs – Serbian Blogger Anastasija Milojevic

Friday, October 25th, 2013


Fashion is read from all over the world and more so recently from various online platforms. You may have noticed that I am a big fan of interviewing bloggers, especially local writers because it’s all about supporting those who are close to home. But speaking of close to home, Toronto is actually one of two cities that share a very special place in my heart. Born near Belgrade, Serbia, my European roots run right through me and my fashion inspirations are a mix between both sides of the Atlantic. North America dominates with its famous blogging stars but Europe is still a whole new world of its own where writers like Elin Kling (Sweden) and Yvan Rodic (Switzerland) have caught the attention of many. Going even a little more east, I started following some wonderful Serbian fashionistas and came across Anastasija Milojevic who is the lady behind Stasha Fashion . Her style caught my attention and through Ana’s blog, I was able to learn about all the up-and-coming names to look out for and what street styles are dominating this part of the world. I got even more excited when she agreed to have a chat with me and share more about the latest from her neck of the woods.


Style Nine to Five: What is the fashion like in Belgrade? Are people following different trends in comparison to other major fashion cities in Europe?


Anastasija Milojevic: Fashion in Belgrade has come a long way – people here are more interested in fashion then they used to be. In the past, trends were delayed and now the situation has improved considerably. People in Serbia spend a lot of money on clothes because the interest is now more on the rise along with street styles becoming a lot more distinct.


SNTF: What attracted you to fashion?


AM: Fashion has always magnetically attracted me. Since I was a kid, I loved reading Vogue and other fashion magazines, playing dressing up and wearing my mom’s high heels. The main channel here is FashionTV which opened up my eyes to the fashion world in general.


SNTF: How were you inspired to start your blog?


AM: My education background is in marketing and for my college thesis I decided to focus from a fashion perspective. The topic was marketing through fashion blogs and that’s where it all began. I started my own blog and it gradually grew with more and more followers.


SNTF: Are there a lot of fashion bloggers in Eastern Europe and how are they attracting readers and followers?


AM: There are more and more fashion bloggers in Eastern Europe and in general, the bloggers from former Yugoslavia countries are related. Everyone has their own audience and the point is to attract readers with something that only you have. Each site has a different fashion personality of its own.


SNTF: Every city is different – what kinds of fashion events do you and other fashion writers go to in Belgrade so you can come up with posts for your blog?


AM: What I usually show on the blog are combinations that can be worn at various occasions and clothes that can be affordable for everyone. When it comes to events in Belgrade, there are so many of them lately and I like to visit them with my fellow blogger girls.  Fashion store openings and product launches are very popular here to attend.


Check out Anastasija’s blog by visiting 


By: Mijana Veljkovic, @mijanaveljkovic

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Vancouver Fashion Jobs – Day to Play Purses

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

dtp6 dtp5 dtp4 dtp3 dtp2 dtp1

In this fast paced society, we sometimes find ourselves going from one commitment to another without any time to change. Whether they’re last minute plans or something I’ve known about for weeks, I usually have the plan my outfit for the day accordingly, especially now that the holiday season is right around the corner. With all the parties and events coming up you’ll barely have time to breathe let alone change, this is why work to play outfits and accessories are so popular nowadays. Nothing is worse than having to meet some friends after work or school and being completely underdressed or overdressed. This week I’ve rounded up some of my favorite day to play bags to share with our style nine to five readers. Trot these purses around all day then let them transition into the evening hours.

1. Nine West fold over bag Hudson’s Bay

2. Adelaide handbag $60 Aldo

3. faux leather trapeze bag $33.80 forever 21

4. Imitation leather bag $40 H&M

5. 24 hour faux leather satchel $39.80 forever 21

6. Helondricks handbag $55 Aldo


By: Layan Barakat

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Fashion Jobs – World MasterCard Fashion Week

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

1.Caitlin Power2.Pink Tartan

3.Beaufille4.David Dixon

5.Matthew Gallagher6.Melissa Nepton

My favourite time of year in Toronto is fast approaching. No, it isn’t Christmas or Halloween, it is Toronto Fashion Week, otherwise known World Mastercard Fashion Week. From October 21-26th the tents will descend on David Pecaut Square, along with the street style photographers and well heeled guests alike. Whether you are lucky enough to catch a show, or will just read the detailed recaps that will pop up all over the interwebs, here is a list of the great Canadian talent to watch out for.

Images, Caitlin PowerPink TartanBeaufille (previously Chloe Comme Parris) , David DixonMatthew GallagherMelissa Nepton 

By: Gabi Pirraglia

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Montreal Fashion Jobs – Spring/Summer 2014 Trends

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

From New York to Paris, the Spring/Summer 2014 fashion week has finally come to an end for the year.  Last season was all about the white, stripes and cut outs, but this year calls for something slightly different.  And to keep you up-to-date with the most current news, here are a few trends we spotted from this season’s collection of Spring/Summer 2014.


Imagine this, taking a racer back tank top and flipping it around to wear it at the front.  That’s the cut top that’s trending this year on the runway and you’re sure to see plenty more of this racer back cut as a crop top.


Last year, all we saw was that Carven triangular cutout top, and while that is still trending, a new similar style has taken on in a form of button up sweaters.  This button up slit look was seen everywhere on the runway this year to create a nice flowing and triangular cut out effect.


Bomber jackets were big last year and are still big this year.  These baseball type jackets came in several different styles this year on the runway from sporty in the Marc Jacobs collection to more casual and sophisticated in Balmain.  Either way, it seems like the bomber jacket is a definite hit!


By: Oleena Mak, Toronto


1. Style Inspiration: Emilio Pucci Spring 2014, image courtesy of

2. Style Inspiration: Jill Stuart Spring 2014, image courtesy of

3. Style Inspiration: Carven Spring 2014, image courtesy of

4. Style Inspiration: Alexander Wang 2014, image courtesy of

5. Style Inspiration: Balmain Spring 2014, image courtesy of

6. Style Inspiration: Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2014, image courtesy of

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Fashion Jobs – Career Talk with Style Nine to Five

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 12.30.40 PM

Last week, Style Nine to Five Founder, Christie Lohr, answered your fashion career questions on Twitter. Here they are!

1. Question: @stylererouted ”Any advice for making it past the intern job title? #SNTFCareerChat 

Answer: @StyleNineToFive “Work hard and be nice because they will remember you for when an opening comes up! Oh and intern experiences are amazing for the resume and the right employer will see and value that! It’s easy to give up, but it’s those who don’t that make it!”

2. Question: @sunny_d_z ”What is your best advice on how to make a resume stand out?”

Answer: @StyleNineToFive ” Always include a cover letter that states why you love the company you’re applying to and why you’re so great! Keep your resume to the point and with the most relevant experience. Skip unnecessary info. I’m not a fan of ‘Interests’ on a resume.

3. Question: @maisonstylecdn “What are some key points/skills etc that employers look for on a resume?”

Answer: @StyleNineToFive “Leadership, length at a job (no hopping around), how you describe your job role, volunteer experience.”

4. Question: @KiyoshaTeixeira “In order to network with people how do you refrain from coming off as a “groupie”? Would you say emailing is better?”

Answer: @StyleNineToFive “Never FB or Tweet at someone if you want to be taken seriously. Email them introducing yourself and ask to meet for a coffee meeting”

5. Question: @maisonstylecdn “What’s the best approach to a company you want to work for even if they aren’t hiring?

Answer: @StyleNineToFive “Introduce yourself. Send an email on why you want to work for them and how much you’re interested should a position open.”

6. Question: @stylererouted “How did you know it was the right decision to strike out on your own?”

Answer: @StyleNineToFive “I had enough experience, knowledge, confidence and networks in what I wanted to do.  I would not have succeeded if I started this even 5 years ago.”

7. Question: @NiksD87 “What qualities or skills make an applicant stand out from the rest of the pack?”

Answer: @StyleNineToFive “Leadership, length at a job (no hopping around), volunteer experience,  relavant education.”

8. Question: @RobynPY “Networking seems to be the more efficient route to take when looking for jobs. Is the traditional résumé becoming obsolete?”

Answer: @StyleNineToFive “Not at all! They really are your 1st impression. If you’re not lucky enough to have the networking opportunities, resumes are key.  I get resumes daily, and I’ll meet with someone based on a good resume even if I’m not hiring.”

9. Question: @rosemarymelnyk “Is it okay to contact someone via LinkedIn for a professional informational meeting? #STFNCareerChat”

Answer: @StyleNineToFive “ Yes, but you may not get a response. I prefer email still! See if you can find their email address online. #SNTFCareerChat”

10. Question: @moegenore I saw you say “job hopping” isn’t good. What would you recommend for someone who has had many jobs (as a student)?”

Answer: @StyleNineToFive “Job hopping just shows either lack of commitment or you may not have been a good fit. Only include relevant jobs! Not all!  I should clarify, you should avoid company can try many jobs within that company!”

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Toronto Fashion Jobs – The Colours of Fall

Sunday, October 6th, 2013




Coming from a season showered with primary colours, neon’s and pastels, we’re forced to take a look at the colour wheel again to narrow down the shades of Fall 2013. Colours set the tone for the whole season itself, sure it may be getting dreary and dark outside, but theres no reason for your closet to jump on that bandwagon. Looking back at the Fall/Winter 2013 runway shows, we saw colours from all ends of the spectrum for both mens and womens fashion. Monochromatic blacks and whites were mixed in with pinks, reds and blues. Last spring, I predicted 2013 to be the year of colour and I guess I was right. Designers have been incorporating different hues into all of their lines allowing us to mix, match and colour block. So what colours should you be looking to add to your wardrobe? Draw inspiration from Prada, Michael Kors or Valentino who featured an array of pinks, oranges and cobalt blues. Stand out in the crowd this season with bright shades that will grab everyone’s attention.


1. Prada Fall/Winter 2013 runway photo courtesy of

2. Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2013 runway photo courtesy of fabsugar

3. Oscar de la Renta Fall/Winter 2013 runway photo courtesy of fabsugar

4. Milly Fall/Winter 2013 runway photo courtesy of fabsugar

5. Vera Wang Fall/Winter 2013 runway photo courtesy of fabsugar

6. Paul and Joe Fall/Winter 2013 runway photo courtesy of fabsugar

By: Layan Barakat

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Fashion Jobs – Partner in Crime

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Amanda Lao Image 1

It takes two to tango and the same can be said in the fashion world. Amanda Lao is the general manager for the rising Caitlin Power label and when I met her last year, all I can say is that she was running the show left, right and center while organizing a holiday shopping event for with the designer. Any fashion creative will tell you that one cannot do everything alone and many tend to forget about other roles that come to play in this industry.

Amanda Lao Image 2

Style Nine to Five: How did you first get involved with fashion?

Amanda Lao: I’ve always been interested in fashion, but I grew up in Winnipeg, so I really didn’t think of it as a career option. I started working at Le Chateau when I was 16, and I fell in love with styling. That’s where the love for fashion really started.


SNTF: Brief story – how did you join forces with Caitlin?

AL: I moved to Toronto with every intention of going to law school. While working as a stylist out here, I applied and went to an interview to be Caitlin’s design intern. Things didn’t go as planned since I had no design background whatsoever. Six months later when my portfolio was stronger, I asked if Caitlin needed a stylist for her FW12 collection at World MasterCard Fashion Week and I got hired. Once fashion week was over I began to help with every aspect of the company that I could, taking on more and more responsibility. In October of last year it became a full time position.


SNTF: As Caitlin’s right winged business partner, what are your core responsibilities for the brand? 

AL: In the past year, we have really worked to separate our roles. Caitlin’s number one focus needs to be on the design – creation, production and everything in between. I focus on the business. We have a team of interns each season which I manage. I deal with the sales, public relations, business development, marketing, event planning and, on top of it all, still do all the styling for the brand.


SNTF: What inspires you when it comes to being a general manager for a designer that is growing successfully within the industry? 

AL: It inspires me that I am part of something that is growing so quickly. Making that growth happen motivates me so much. Caitlin and I have a great work dynamic; we’re friends and we respect each other’s opinions. We both want nothing but the very best for the company. I know we’re lucky to have such a great partnership. When you work for a brand that you love and believe in so strongly, it becomes your baby. I want everyone to know, love and appreciate it like we do.


SNTF: Any advice for people who want to follow a path similar to yours? 

AL: Network and work hard! Once I got my foot in the door, I dedicated myself until there was a position for me.

Amanda Lao Image 3

Image No.1 courtesy of photographer Eli Andres

Image No. 2 courtesy of photographer Olya Siniakov

Image No. 3 courtesy of photographer Mauricio Calero


By: Mijana Veljkovic, @mijanaveljkovic

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Fashion Jobs Canada – Fashion Week Street Style

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Fashion Week (from every city) is more than just the looks that come down the runway now. It is about the show taking place outside the tents is really causing a scene. From New York, to London, to Milan and Paris, showgoers are turning the streets into a runway of their own and the flashbulbs are there to capture it. Some noteworthy trends from the 2013 spring shows include crisp white shirts, full circle skirts, leather on leather and of course, lots of metallics for good measure.


1. Eva Chen at New York Fashion Week September 2013 (photo credit: New York Magazine)


2. The Beckerman Sisters at New York Fashion Week September 2013 (photo credit: Flare Magazine)


3. Showgoer Unknown at Milan Fashion Week September 2013 (photo credit: Elle Magazine)


4. Camille Charrier at London Fashion Week September 2013 (photo credit: Elle Magazine)


5.Showgoer Uknown

5. Showgoer Unknown at Milam Fashion Week September 2013 (photo credit: The Sartorialist)


6. Yasmin Sewell at Paris Fashion Week September 2013 (photo credit: Garance Dore)

By: Gabi Pirraglia

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Montreal Fashion Jobs – Jackets to Fall Into

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

jacket1 jacket2 jacket3 jacket4 jacket5 jacket6


As the weather beings to cool down, you may feel as though you have to sacrifice your cute summer clothes in order to cover up with a warm jacket right? Wrong. I may be a bit biased here since Fall happens to be my favorite season, but I think that fall wear is the best. Chunky sweaters, cute boots and of course trendy jackets that aren’t Winter chunky. This season, take inspiration from the F/W runways by going oversized like Stella McCartney, classic like Ralph Lauren, or opt for a bright feminine colour like Celine. I personally got an oversized army green jacket from H&M for this season and I am basically living in it. It’s trendy, comfortable, and goes fabulously with my skull printed scarf. Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects your personality and keeps you stylish all season long. Happy Fall Style Nine to Five readers!!


1. Stella McCartney F/W 2013 runway image courtesy of Elle

2. Ralph Lauren F/W 2013 runway image courtesy of Elle

3. Celine F/W 2013 runway image courtesy of Elle

4. Givency by Riccardo Tisci F/W 2013 image courtesy of Harpers Bazaar

5. Burberry Prorsum F/W 2013 image courtesy of

6. Isabel Marant F/W 2013 image courtesy of Elle


By: Layan Barakat

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